City of Worcester, MA in the winter

Senator Scott Brown introduced at The Research Bureau's 26th Annual MeetingAbout The Research Bureau

The Worcester Regional Research Bureau is a
non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts research about public policy issues of concern to the greater Worcester region. Since our founding in 1985, The Research Bureau has prepared over 200 research reports on topics such as economic development, municipal finance, public education, and public administration. These reports are intended to promote informed public debate among citizens and influence political officials' decision-making.

We publicize and promote our work through direct contact with public officials, presenting formal testimony before legislative committees at both the state and local level, opinion pieces, and local tv and radio appearances. We regularly address civic organizations and community groups, and participate in appointed task forces and commissions. All our past research is available on our website.

Hosting forums and lectures is also central to our mission. To date we have sponsored more than 160 installments of the Francis A. Harrington Forums on Municipal Government series. Prominent panelists and lecturers whom we have hosted over the years include Governor Mitt Romney, political scientist James Q. Wilson, urban economist Edward Glaeser, and Sen. Scott Brown. All our programs are free and open to the public, and are rebroadcast on local television, as well as available for download directly from the City of Worcester's website.

We also do consulting work for institutions and local governments in areas where we have developed expertise. Recently, we have done work for the New England States Performance Measurement Project and the Investing in Girls Alliance, sponsored by the Women's Initiative of the United Way of Central Massachusetts.

For more information, please see some of our recent annual reports:











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