Worcester Almanac

Worcester Almanac: 2017

The Worcester Regional Research Bureau is pleased to present the third annual Worcester Almanac—our compendium of information of all things Greater Worcester. A small, not-for-profit organization, The Research Bureau’s mission is to serve the public interest of Greater Worcester by con-ducting independent research and analysis of public policy issues to promote informed public debate and decision-making.

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Worcester Almanac: 2016

The Research Bureau is pleased to present the 2016 Worcester Almanac, the second edition of this annual compendium of information about Greater Worcester. The Almanac offers information on local government, demographics, the economy, public safety, education, health, arts and culture, and much, much more. We look closely at the current state of our region as well as some of the trends that have led us here.

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Worcester Almanac: 2015

Beginning in 2015, The Research Bureau will provide the Greater Worcester community with an annual compendium of information about the City and the region. The Worcester Almanac: 2015 is the inaugural effort to capture key data points about the area.

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