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Events & Activities - Thomas S. Green Awards

In 1987, when Tom Green, a distinguished civic leader, former Vice President of Norton Company, and a founder of The Research Bureau passed away, we honored his memory by establishing the Thomas S. Green Public Service Awards for outstanding public servants. Since 1988, The Research Bureau has recognized over 90 "unsung heroes" in municipal government for their commitments to making Worcester and nearby communities better places to live and work.

Below are recipients throughout the years.


Sandra Borbone - Worcester Technical High School
Kathleen Donovan - City of Worcester Inspectional Services
Paula Harrity - Worcester Public Schools
Jessica Jacques - City of Worcester Cable Services
Julie Lynch - Worcester Department of Public Works and Parks

2014 Thomas S. Green Awards Ceremony (March 26, 2014)


Jenna Alimberti - Worcester Police Department
Kevin Chviruk - Worcester Public Schools, Custodian Services
CDR. Michael C. Masley, Jr. USN.RET. - Oxford High School
Patricia Ryan - Worcester Public Schools

2013 Thomas S. Green Awards (March 21, 2013)


Donna Derrico-Sands - Worcester DPWP
Lt. Annmarie Picket - Worcester Fire Department
Jack Navin - Custodial Management, Worcester Public Schools
Sgt. Jose Dingui - Southbridge Police Department

2012 Thomas S. Green Public Service Awards (March 15, 2012)


Ronald K. Brown - Worcester Department of Public Works & Parks
Louise Clarke - Worcester Public Schools
John F. Mahan - Worcester Police Department

2011 Thomas S. Green Public Service Awards (March 31, 2011)


Brian Breveleri - Worcester Department of Public Works & Parks
Donald Brown - Worcester Public Schools
Ellen Dalbeck - Worcester Department of Public Works & Parks
Edward J. McGuinn - Worcester Police Department
Judith Sikes - Holden Town Manager's Office

2010 Thomas S. Green Public Service Awards (March 31, 2010)


Maureen Binienda - Worcester Public Schools
Donna Haran - Worcester Public Schools
Cindy Ide - Town of Grafton
Edmund Kochling - Department of Public Works

2008 Thomas S. Green Public Service Awards (Sept. 24, 2008)


Peter Crafts - Worcester Public Schools
Kimberly Holstrom - Worcester Police Department
Patricia Johnson - City of Worcester Assessing Department
Nancy Lucier - Town of West Boylston


Donald Abraham - Department of Public Works
Lee Hall - Department of Code Enforcement
Thomas Pappas - Worcester Public Schools
Angel Rosario - Worcester Housing Authority


Mark Berthiaume - Worcester Public Schools
Jose Machado - Worcester Fire Department
Nathan Reando - Worcester Police Department
Joel Wentworth - Worcester Public Library


Donald Chamberlayne - Worcester Police Department
Stuart Howe - Worcester Fire Department
Robert Jennings, Jr. - Worcester Public Schools
Jody Kennedy-Valade - Dept. of Code Enforcement
Sean Lovely - Worcester Police Department


David Crocker - Dept. of Code Enforcement
Donna McGrath - Executive Office of Neighborhood Services
Robert Sullivan - Worcester Public Schools


Lt. John J. Beahn - Worcester Fire Department
Nathaniel Mencow - Worcester Public Schools
John Rodriguez - Worcester Housing Authority


Joseph W. Buckley - Department of Public Works
Gerald Creamer - Worcester Public Schools
Karen Greenwood - Veterans Services Department
George W. Sanders - Worcester Public Schools


Marianne Bourgault - Worcester Public Library
Susan Elworthy - Worcester Public Schools
Deborah Steele - License Commission


Bruce J. Blanchard - Department of Public Works
John J. Germain - Worcester Police Department
Eileen A. Gorman - Worcester Public Schools


Robert A. Caldwell - Worcester Public Library
Thomas R. Creamer - Worcester Fire Department
Donna M. Rodrigues - Worcester Public Schools


Jill C. Dagilis - City Manager's Office Planning/Community Dev.
Philip D. Guerin - Department of Public Works
Dorothy Hargrove - Worcester Public Schools
Philip J. Jakubosky - Department of Public Health & Code Enforcement
Vinh D. Nguyen - Worcester's Executive Office of Human Resources


Alexander Donoghue - Worcester Police Department
Robert J. Fiore - Department of Public Works
Nancy E. Gaudette - Worcester Public Library
Karyn M. Wigren - Worcester Public Schools


Walter C. Giard - Worcester Fire Department
Debra J. Miller - Worcester Public Schools
Roderick D. Riel - Worcester Regional Airport


Francis X. Birch - Department of Public Health & Code Enforcement
Daniel Curtis - Department of Public Works
Cynthia M. McMullen - Worcester Public Schools
Dermot F. Shea - Worcester Public Schools


John G. Bierfeldt - Worcester Public Schools
Bruce L. Dahlquist - Office of Employment & Training
Charles E. Langelier - Worcester Public Schools
Patricia A. Seigh - Department of Parks & Recreation


Janet Ginkus Allen - Worcester Public Schools
Clara I. Diaz - Planning & Community
Lt. John J. McKiernan - Worcester Police Department
Lisa Piehler-Jones - Department of Parks & Recreation


Kevin J. Daley - Department of Public Works
Gary L. Hagenbuch - Worcester Public Schools
John F. Monfredo - Worcester Public Schools
Thomas W. Taylor - Department of Parks & Recreation


Francis J. Foley, Jr. - Worcester Public Schools
Kenneth C. Henderson - Worcester Fire Department
Marjory Smith - Department of Public Health
Laurent E. Vigneault - Worcester Public Schools


Alice Atanian - Worcester Public Library
Irene Giarusso - License Commission
Veronica M. Griffin - Worcester Public Schools
Paul J, Mahoney - Department of Public Works


Richard J. Grant - Department of Public Works
Barbara J. McKeon - Worcester Regional Airport
Donald J. Shea - Worcester Public Schools

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