2010 News

Warning signs abound

Two recent reports give cause for concern about Worcester’s financial well-being in the years ahead. One is the five-year forecast City Manager Michael O’Brien submitted to the City Council. The other is an analysis by The Research Bureau, titled “Teachers Compensation Package + Worcester’s Finances = Do they Add Up?” Ignoring those warnings could have dire consequences for the community.

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Classrooms get 50% of budget

WORCESTER — At least two startling figures came out of a community briefing on the school budget last night. The first was that only 50 cents of every dollar in the budget makes its way into the classroom. The second was that that figure likely matches the state average.

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Illegal aliens portrayed as boon to economy

WORCESTER — The United States gains far more than it loses from immigration, according to Jason Riley, author of the book “Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders.”

Mr. Riley spoke to about 100 people yesterday morning at the final event of The Research Bureau’s 25th anniversary lecture series. The event was held at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

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Bad day for munis

November was a bad month for the $2.8 trillion municipal bond market, which means it was a bad month for state and local government.

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Close the gap

A new Research Bureau report, “Benchmarking Economic Development in Worcester: 2010,” repeats some sound advice that city officials have been hearing for some time: For the sake of residents and businesses alike, it’s time to close the gap between commercial and residential tax rates in Worcester.

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Research Bureau sees progress in Worcester schools

WORCESTER — The Research Bureau, a nonprofit research organization based in Worcester, has released its annual Benchmarking Public Education report on public education in the city and found that while scores are low, there are signs things are improving.

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