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2012 News

Classical heritage – Report favors exam school in Worcester

The Research Bureau’s latest report — “Academically Selective High Schools: Should Worcester Public Schools Have One?” — offers a ringing endorsement of bringing such a school back into Worcester’s education portfolio, modeled in part on the long and venerable history of the city’s Classical High School, which closed in 1966.

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Worcester Regional Research Bureau backs new schools for talented

WORCESTER — The Worcester Regional Research Bureau, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in the city, has released a report recommending the city establish one or more schools for academically talented students. The report, available at www.wrrb.org, arrives as an ad hoc committee appointed by the mayor considers whether to establish an exam school or an international baccalaureate program, or both.

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Why Worcester Needs a Selective Public School

A new report from the Worcester Regional Research Bureau makes the case for an academically selective public high school, sometimes referred to as an exam school, in Worcester and how it could benefit both students and the community at large.

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Public sector unions faulted

WORCESTER — More debt, higher interest rates and higher costs are the woes City College of New York professor and conservative think-tank fellow Daniel DiSalvo laid at the door of unionized public employees yesterday in a forum at The Research Bureau.

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Public Unions Costing Local Governments Millions

A Research Bureau forum on Tuesday asked whether municipalities can afford public employee contracts, as public sector unions have overtaken their private sector counterparts in recent years as the majority in the American labor movement.

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Bureau serves public well

It is regrettable that The Research Bureau, the city’s foremost source of public information and independent data-gathering, has come under attack. It is even more unfortunate that some of the sniping comes from members of the City Council who should appreciate the value of the work the bureau has contributed in the last quarter of a century.

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Worcester Councilor Lukes Rails Against City’s ‘Cement Ceiling’ for Women

Worcester’s paltry number of female city employees has frustrated her for years, but City Councilor Konstantina Lukes’ outrage has finally boiled over. On the heels of a council meeting during which one of her colleagues raised questions about an organization headed by a woman, Lukes called GoLocalWorcester and pulled no punches about what she sees as a city government environment overwhelmingly tilted toward men.

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