2012 News

Out of answers

Americans have grown accustomed to pessimistic economic forecasts, and one delivered by the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston last week was sobering. Yet, Eric S. Rosengren’s outlook may have been too optimistic.

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Safety by the numbers

In 2010, Worcester surpassed Boston and Providence in violent crime.

That’s a surprising finding in The Research Bureau’s eighth “Benchmarking Public Safety in Worcester” report, released last week. Of the 10 largest New England cities, Worcester ranks fifth.

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Boston Fed chief predicts slow recovery

Eric S. Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, made gloomy predictions Wednesday for a slow economic recovery through the year, calling on policy makers to do more to lower the US unemployment rate.

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Worcester police chief takes issue with crime rank

WORCESTER — The use of outdated statistics and varying definitions of aggravated assault are just a couple of reasons Police Chief Gary J. Gemme questions the city’s violent crime ranking in a recent report by The Research Bureau.

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City fifth in violent crime

WORCESTER — While the city’s property crime rate has gradually declined by more than 30 percent over a 15-year period, its violent crime rate has not changed, according to a new report by The Research Bureau.

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