2013 News

Dynamic Worcester: Report shows city remains a destination

An analysis of the 2010 Census prepared by The Research Bureau shows that Worcester continues to be a dynamic city, one that grew in size, youth, and diversity between 2000 and 2010. The report, “Worcester’s Demographic Trends: 2010 Census,” provides the kind of fundamental, unvarnished and unbiased data that can help inform and shape public-policy discussions.

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A look at JetBlue’s prospects

That certainly was a rosy picture of our airport’s future that the Massport director painted at the Research Bureau’s forum the other day: $360 million pumped into our regional economy over the next decade, seven nonstop flights daily, hundreds of new jobs.

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MassPort: JetBlue Off to Good Start

Customers are filling Worcester’s JetBlue flights and leaving happy despite higher fares and diverted planes, the CEO of the Massachusetts Port Authority said Wednesday morning.

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