2014 News

Disconnected rhetoric

Few issues stir up a good debate as readily as education, and the sharpest debates are over money and curriculum. But while those with rival educational philosophies often cross swords, we wonder how often they communicate.

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The budget conversation

Yesterday’s forum on funding public education in Worcester — the second of a two-part collaboration between The Research Bureau and the Worcester Education Collaborative — didn’t achieve any financial breakthroughs or offer dazzling new education insights, but it did feature a welcome tone of cooperation between city and school officials.

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Panel to Discuss Education Funds and Needs of Worcester’s Students

On Wednesday, the Worcester Regional Research Bureau and the Worcester Education Collaborative will hold it’s second panel installment of ‘Funding Public Education.’ Wednesday’s panel, titled ‘Part II: Balancing the Needs of the Schools and the Needs of the City,’ will address the challenge of prioritizing funds among educational and other municipal operations.

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A long overdue conversation

While it is common knowledge that the city’s demographics are changing, the change is more starkly represented in its schools, where the nonwhite population has increased by nearly 50 percent in the past two decades.

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Common Core article on target

Leicester School Committee member Tyler Keenan is right on target (“Depoliticizing Common Core,” ‘As I See It,’ Telegram & Gazette, Nov. 13) advising parents to listen to the opinions of teachers and school leaders who are on the front lines of Common Core standards implementation, rather than to those who argue about politics and ideology.

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Panel aims to debunk Ebola myths with facts

WORCESTER — Accurate, balanced information may be the best medicine against Ebola hysteria, a panel of medical and cultural experts hosted by the Worcester Regional Research Bureau told a public audience Thursday.

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