2018 News

Worcester’s Overhyped Renaissance

Long caught in Boston’s shadow and for decades trying to forge a new reputation for itself, Worcester is eager to find reasons to tout its economic progress – even if it is just a new restaurant or construction project start.

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Worcester School Committee receives proposed strategic plan

WORCESTER – Described by school officials as aspirational as well as challenging, the long-awaited next strategic plan for the district finally landed Thursday before the School Committee, which will now embark on long-term deliberations to determine whether and how to implement the document.

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Do all state offices need to be in Boston?

THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS is one of the largest commercial office tenants in the state, leasing just under 5 million square feet of space for employees throughout its various agencies and departments. Nearly 1.7 million square feet, approximately 35 percent of the state’s rental space, is in Boston, the region’s most expensive office market. Worcester, the next largest location of state offices, hosts 350,000 square feet – approximately 7 percent.

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