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Union Station in Worcester, MassachusettsThe Research Bureau is a private, non-profit organization that conducts independent, non-partisan research and analysis of public policy issues facing the greater Worcester region. By providing such policy data through reports and public testimony, the Bureau strives to promote more informed public debate and heighten decision-making in financial, administrative, management and community issues facing Worcester's municipal government and the surrounding region.

As part of its public education effort, The Research Bureau sponsors the Francis A. Harrington Forums on Municipal Government, which highlight particular municipal issues that require immediate attention. The programs are free and open to all interested citizens and public officials. The panelists have included prominent individuals on both the state and local level who have expertise on the subject being discussed.

The Research Bureau was founded in 1985 by the members of the greater Worcester business community. Today over 80 regional corporations currently fund over half The Research Bureau's budget. Foundation grants, income from special events and sponsorships, and contributions from generous individuals make up the rest of the $500,000+ budget.

Please help us continue provide these critical resources and venues for policy debate. There are numerous ways to support The Research Bureau:

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