Published monthly by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette between 2007-9 as a specialty publication of the advertising department. Copyright by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corporation.

“Change & Challenge”

The Research Bureau’s April 10th forum was organized to discuss the challenges facing the next superintendent of the Worcester Public Schools.

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“Where have all the bidders gone?”

In recent years, there have been several public construction projects that the City of Worcester put out to bid for which very few bidders responded, and the costs associated with those bids have generally exceeded the City’s estimates.

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“It’s all about autonomy”

When you ask the CEO of a large company or a small business what contributes to success in a highly competitive environment, he will invariably mention the need for an educated, skilled workforce.

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“A bad bet?”

Worcester voters are being asked on November’s ballot whether they favor the siting of gambling casino within the City.

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“Are PILOTs the panacea for Worcester’s fiscal woes?”

Under relentless pressure from some citizen activists, Worcester City Councilors have recently asked the City Manager to solve the City’s revenue shortfall, in part, by negotiating PILOTs (payment­in­lieu of taxes) with Worcester’s nonprofit institutions, especially the colleges, which are exempt from paying property taxes under state law.

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