City of Worcester, MA in the winter

The Research Bureau - Presentations

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2010 Presentations

The Economic Crisis and the Crisis in Public Finance, Roberta Schaefer, Presentation for the Central Massachusetts Financial Executives Organization, January 19, 2010


2009 Presentations

Roberta Schaefer's remarks at the Abbey Kelly Foster Charter School Commencement, June 4, 2009


Roberta Schaefer's Tribute to Fairman Cowan, June 2009


2008 Presentations

Roberta Schaefer's Presentation on Performance Measurement, Government Research Association Annual Meeting, August 4, 2008


2004 Presentations

Roberta Schaefer's Address to the Worcester Rotary on Education Reform, March 18, 2004


Roberta Schaefer's Talk to the Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee, 2004


2003 Presentations

Roberta Schaefer's Talk on Regional Economic Development to the Central Massachusetts Regional Caucus of Legislators, April 2003

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