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Public Education

Our reports on public education address elementary, secondary, and higher education issues in Worcester and the surrounding region.

Bureau Brief—The Role of the Media in Civic Life

The media plays a critical role in society, recording history, delivering information, analyzing issues, and highlighting the use and abuse of power. It is a vehicle for sharing, and debating, public opinions. Yet newspapers and other forms of media are also a business.

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Toward a Common Understanding of the Common Core

The current debate about educational standards and assessments has forced government officials, educators, parents, and students to take a serious look at the American education system and evaluate what students should know in order to be prepared for college and careers in the global economy.

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Teachers’ Compensation Package + Worcester’s Finances = Do They Add Up?

In order to clarify what’s at stake in the stalemated contract negotiations between the Worcester School Committee and the Education Association of Worcester, this report analyzes the total compensation package for teachers under the current contract, as well as the financial condition of the Worcester Public Schools and the City.

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Benchmarking Public Education in Worcester: 2010

This report examines student, school, and district performance in relation to the standards implemented under the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993 and the Federal No Child Left Behind legislation signed into law in 2002 in an effort to close the achievement gap between subgroups of students.

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