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The Research Bureau - Chamber Newsletters

Between 2007 and 2010, The Research Bureau had a column in the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce's quarterly newsletter.

Reports, articles and forms are available as a PDF downloadPDF icon, unless otherwise noted. Click here to download the free Adobe Reader application.

2010 Newsletters

"Public Employee Benefits and the New Normal (March 2010)"


2009 Newsletters

"Promoting Business Growth in Worcester: Do Tax Incentives Provide the Incentive?" (December 2009)


"Massachusetts Pension Reform: What was Accomplished? What Remains to be Done?" (September 2009)


"Public Employee Pensions: Is it Time to Retire the System?" (June 2009)


"What's Up With Downtown Worcester?: Prospects for Revitalization" (March 2009)


2008 Newsletters

"A Bright Spot Amidst Clouds of Doom and Gloom" (December 2008)


"Maintaining Municipal Parks: Thinking Outside the Picnic Basket" (September 2008)

"Benchmarking Performance Comes of Age in the Public Sector" (June 2008)


"Promoting a Healthier Business Climate" (March 2008)


2007 Newsletters

"A Casino for Worcester: Gambling with the City's Future?" (December 2007)


"What do Businesses and Residents Expect for their Tax Dollars?" (September 2007)


Roberta Schaefer for "DBA" - Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Published monthly by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette between 2007-9 as a specialty publication of the advertising department. Copyright by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corporation.

2009 Articles

May 2009 - Taxes, Taxes, Taxes


February 2009 - Can Charter Schools Close the Education Gap?


January 2009 - The Case for a Single Tax Rate


2008 Articles

December 2008 - A Fair-Haired Fellow


November 2008 - Downtown Worcester's Office Occupancy in 2008: What do the data show?


October 2008 - It's not always about the money...


September 2008 - Spend money fairly and effectively


August 2008 - Why Wait?


July 2008 - "Recommended...adopted!"


June 2008 - "Meeting the Fiscal Challenges of FY09 and Beyond Requires a Reform Agenda"


May 2008 - "Change & Challenge"


April 2008 - "Where have all the bidders gone?"


March 2008 - "The Right Stuff"


February 2008 - "Ring in the new year right!"


2007 Articles

December 2007 - "'One-way' waste!"


November 2007 - "It's all about autonomy"


October 2007 - "A bad bet?"


September 2007 - "Are PILOTs the panacea for Worcester's fiscal woes?"


August 2007 - "MORE Bang for the Buck"

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