2018 News

Report: Stricter penalties, free drop-off part of solving Worcester’s trash problem

Worcester should not trash its Pay As You Throw trash collection model and, no, a return to the days of pigs eating the city’s garbage is probably not the way to go. Instead, as the city struggled to clean up its streets and sidewalks, and deal with illegal dumping, more stringent penalties for violators could help. A free trash drop-off site might also boost compliance.

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Annual tax rate battle looms in Worcester

One of the most significant and most contentious actions the City Council takes every year is just around the corner, and while the city does not yet even have the information it needs to provide for debate, the battle lines are being drawn.

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Five things you need to know today, and they’ve been lying to us all along

In a joint research effort published by the Worcester Business Journal, the WBJ and Worcester Regional Research Bureau report that immigrants are more likely than native citizens to start their own businesses and obtain bachelor’s degrees. They make up 36 percent of the business owners in Worcester, New England’s second-largest city.

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Worcesteria: On a positive note

CITY OF IMMIGRANTS: Love, love, love this research project by the Worcester Business Journal and Worcester Regional Research Bureau. Released earlier this week, the study shows foreign-born Worcester residents are more likely than native citizens to own businesses and have bachelors degrees.

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