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Worcesteria: Worcester wins on weed

PRIMARY BREAKDOWN: Woohoo! Worcester went for Bernie Sanders in the state Democratic Primary election last week. The rest of what we might consider the Worcester area, save for Northbridge (arguably Worcester area), did not. No, every town surrounding Worcester went for Joe Biden, despite his complete lack of ground game here and, seemingly, everywhere else.

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Who’s deciding Worcester’s elections? New Worcester Regional Research Bureau report finds small portion of ‘supervoters’ determine city’s municipal elections

The Worcester Regional Research Bureau released a report Thursday morning analyzing the demographics of the electorate in Worcester municipal elections. According to the bureau, the report confirms preconceived notions of a lack of diversity in local voter turnout, and details new information including average ages, “supervoters,” voter housing, racial disparities and polling locations.

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A free route to economic opportunity

We hear “free this” and “free that” being bandied about by certain progressive Democratic presidential candidates, without ever mentioning who’ll pick up the tab for their government largesse.

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What Could Happen If We Had Free Public Transit?

Public transit has often been hailed as a green way to lower your carbon footprint. When I lived in Atlanta back on 2007, the public system there, MARTA, capitalized on its name with the catchphrase “Marta is Smarta,” meaning that it is smarter to use public transit than it is to drive and be stuck in traffic.

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