Viewpoint: Leveraging intelligence for a smarter community

Full and original article posted on Worcester Business Journal

The implications from the use of artificial intelligence, or AI, is a pressing question facing every consumer, employer, and policymaker.

To provide insights on the issues associated with AI, the Worcester Regional Research Bureau brought Professor Renée Cummings, the University of Virginia’s first data activist-in-residence, to address our annual meeting. Cummings is a 2023 VentureBeat AI Innovator Award winner, one of the World Summit AI’s Top 50 AI Innovators in 2020, and internationally renowned as a member of the World Economic Forum’s Data Equity Council and AI Governance Alliance.

In her address, Cummings was clear AI is not coming in the future, but instead has already been in use for a long time. Everyone has already been using AI for years, through Google searches, Amazon recommendations, Netflix queues, Spotify playlists, and social media feeds.

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