Thomas S. Green Public Service Award Recipients


Sandra Borbone – Worcester Technical High School
Kathleen Donovan – City of Worcester Inspectional Services
Paula Harrity – Worcester Public Schools
Jessica Jacques – City of Worcester Cable Services
Julie Lynch – Worcester Department of Public Works and Parks


Jenna Alimberti – Worcester Police Department
Kevin Chviruk – Worcester Public Schools, Custodian Services CDR.
Michael C. Masley, Jr. USN.RET. – Oxford High School
Patricia Ryan – Worcester Public Schools


Donna Derrico-Sands – Worcester DPWP
Lt. Annmarie Picket – Worcester Fire Department
Jack Navin – Custodial Management, Worcester Public Schools
Sgt. Jose Dingui – Southbridge Police Department


Ronald K. Brown – Worcester Department of Public Works & Parks
Louise Clarke – Worcester Public Schools
John F. Mahan – Worcester Police Department


Brian Breveleri – Worcester Department of Public Works & Parks
Donald Brown – Worcester Public Schools
Ellen Dalbeck – Worcester Department of Public Works & Parks
Edward J. McGuinn – Worcester Police Department
Judith Sikes – Holden Town Manager’s Office


Maureen Binienda – Worcester Public Schools
Donna Haran – Worcester Public Schools
Cindy Ide – Town of Grafton
Edmund Kochling – Department of Public Works


Peter Crafts – Worcester Public Schools
Kimberly Holstrom – Worcester Police Department
Patricia Johnson – City of Worcester Assessing Department
Nancy Lucier – Town of West Boylston


Donald Abraham – Department of Public Works
Lee Hall – Department of Code Enforcement
Thomas Pappas – Worcester Public Schools
Angel Rosario – Worcester Housing Authority


Mark Berthiaume – Worcester Public Schools
Jose Machado – Worcester Fire Department
Nathan Reando – Worcester Police Department
Joel Wentworth – Worcester Public Library


Donald Chamberlayne – Worcester Police Department
Stuart Howe – Worcester Fire Department
Robert Jennings, Jr. – Worcester Public Schools
Jody Kennedy-Valade – Dept. of Code Enforcement
Sean Lovely – Worcester Police Department


David Crocker – Dept. of Code Enforcement
Donna McGrath – Executive Office of Neighborhood Services
Robert Sullivan – Worcester Public Schools


Lt. John J. Beahn – Worcester Fire Department
Nathaniel Mencow – Worcester Public Schools
John Rodriguez – Worcester Housing Authority


Joseph W. Buckley – Department of Public Works
Gerald Creamer – Worcester Public Schools
Karen Greenwood – Veterans Services Department
George W. Sanders – Worcester Public Schools


Marianne Bourgault – Worcester Public Library
Susan Elworthy – Worcester Public Schools
Deborah Steele – License Commission


Bruce J. Blanchard – Department of Public Works
John J. Germain – Worcester Police Department
Eileen A. Gorman – Worcester Public Schools


Robert A. Caldwell – Worcester Public Library
Thomas R. Creamer – Worcester Fire Department
Donna M. Rodrigues – Worcester Public Schools


Jill C. Dagilis – City Manager’s Office Planning/Community Dev.
Philip D. Guerin – Department of Public Works
Dorothy Hargrove – Worcester Public Schools
Philip J. Jakubosky – Department of Public Health & Code Enforcement
Vinh D. Nguyen – Worcester’s Executive Office of Human Resources


Alexander Donoghue – Worcester Police Department
Robert J. Fiore – Department of Public Works
Nancy E. Gaudette – Worcester Public Library
Karyn M. Wigren – Worcester Public Schools


Walter C. Giard – Worcester Fire Department
Debra J. Miller – Worcester Public Schools
Roderick D. Riel – Worcester Regional Airport


Francis X. Birch – Department of Public Health & Code Enforcement
Daniel Curtis – Department of Public Works
Cynthia M. McMullen – Worcester Public Schools
Dermot F. Shea – Worcester Public Schools


John G. Bierfeldt – Worcester Public Schools
Bruce L. Dahlquist – Office of Employment & Training
Charles E. Langelier – Worcester Public Schools
Patricia A. Seigh – Department of Parks & Recreation


Janet Ginkus Allen – Worcester Public Schools
Clara I. Diaz – Planning & Community
Lt. John J. McKiernan – Worcester Police Department
Lisa Piehler-Jones – Department of Parks & Recreation


Kevin J. Daley – Department of Public Works
Gary L. Hagenbuch – Worcester Public Schools
John F. Monfredo – Worcester Public Schools
Thomas W. Taylor – Department of Parks & Recreation


Francis J. Foley, Jr. – Worcester Public Schools
Kenneth C. Henderson – Worcester Fire Department
Marjory Smith – Department of Public Health
Laurent E. Vigneault – Worcester Public Schools


Alice Atanian – Worcester Public Library
Irene Giarusso – License Commission
Veronica M. Griffin – Worcester Public Schools
Paul J. Mahoney – Department of Public Works


Richard J. Grant – Department of Public Works
Barbara J. McKeon – Worcester Regional Airport
Donald J. Shea – Worcester Public Schools