Founder leaving The Research Bureau in good shape

Full and original article posted on Telegram & Gazette

Roberta Schaefer, a founder and president of The Research Bureau — it produces public policy research for the public and public servants — announced her retirement on September 11, about 28 years after she helped get it off the ground. In a September 19 interview, I learned the reasons why The Research Bureau was established, who backed it, what it does, and what accomplishments make Ms. Schaefer most proud.

The Research Bureau, formerly as the Worcester Regional Research Bureau, was set up when Worcester’s governmental structure changed. As Ms. Schaefer — who holds a doctorate in political science — explained:

“There are three reasons that The Research Bureau was created. First, Proposition 2.5 — that limited property tax increases in Massachusetts — passed, and Worcester’s then-city manager, Francis McGrath, had to cut his research staff.

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