Protected reservoirs Worcester’s first line of defense against drinking water contamination

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WORCESTER – When it comes to drinking water, Worcester and other New England cities have an edge that helps keep the resource clean and clear, according to local and federal officials: Good sources.

That makes Worcester, which draws water from 10 reservoirs surrounded by forests and protected land, different from Flint, Michigan, where lead in drinking water has spawned a crisis, according to H. Curtis Spalding, regional administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“This commitment to dealing with source water as the primary first line of defense for safe drinking water is shared across the region,” Mr. Spalding told a group of about 30 people gathered at City Hall for a Research Bureau forum on water. “We have the same conversation in Connecticut. We have the same conversation in Vermont and New Hampshire. So this idea that we start out with good source water is something our states have embraced, and it’s such an advantage.”

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