Monfredo: Worcester Public Schools Moving Forward With Strategic Plan for Education

The Strategic Plan for education, two years in the making and twenty-five years since the last plan, was unveiled by the two organizations involved in its implementation… the Worcester Regional Research Bureau and the Worcester Education Collaborative. The final version of the plan must be approved by the School Committee when they receive the final report in June.  This is a major step for the city for education is the economic engine that moves our city forward and a strong school system supported by the community is what makes for a vibrant city.  The plan has the potential to do that but it will take hard work and a vision to move it forward.

Tim McGourthy, executive director of the Research Bureau, and Jennifer Davis Carey executive director of the Worcester Educational Collaborative were instrumental in crafting the plan after much input from the Rennie Center. They were involved in the writing of the plan and included ideas from the community. Both agree once approved that the key will be working together and moving forward to make it happen.  The good news is that many parts of the plan have already been started by Superintendent Maureen Binienda and thus the plan will be off to a good start.