Editorial: For Worcester, why not the best in public education? Strategic plan comes at the right time for a rising city.

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It’s taken nearly a year to complete a new strategic plan for the Worcester Public Schools, the first such plan in a quarter century. It was unveiled last week. And if approved by the school committee after a formal presentation expected in June, the hard work truly begins.

We don’t at all minimize the effort that’s gone into preparing this plan by two outside groups, the Worcester Education Collaborative and the Worcester Regional Research Bureau, who are to be commended for leading this effort, with the support of School Superintendent Maureen Binienda. The listening to students, teachers, parents and other community members, the gathering of data and benchmarking, let alone ultimately figuring out what it all means and laying out goals and presenting everything in a coherent document, was a complex task requiring its own hard work and creativity.

But it’s one thing to put down on paper where we are and where we need to get to. It’s quite another to actually make it happen, once the community’s representatives in the form of the school committee approve it. And we don’t see why the committee wouldn’t approve it.

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