Babson president Kerry Healey tells Worcester Regional Research Bureau of the importance of women’s role

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WORCESTER – From teaching resilience through failure to recommending a women-only business incubator, Babson College President and former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey offered a number of strategies to increase diversity and female representation in politics, academia and business during her keynote address Tuesday to the Worcester Regional Research Bureau.

“We are a poorer society when we are not using 100 percent of our talent,” Ms. Healey said. “Talent is not restricted to any particular group, and therefore, if we aren’t finding ways to coax that good idea or that talent out of every member of society then we’re losing out.”

Ms. Healey served as lieutenant governor from 2003 to 2007 in the Mitt Romney administration, and is currently the president of Babson College, a private business school in Wellesley. She was the keynote speaker at the research bureau’s 33rd annual meeting, delivering a statistics-heavy talk on the lack of diversity in American higher education, politics and boardrooms.

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