C’mon and take a free ride: Kansas City busing move excites Worcester advocates

Full and original article posted on Worcester Magazine

When leaders in Kansas City, Missouri, got rid of bus fares earlier this month, they made headlines across the country and the decision was roundly hailed as an innovative investment.

Though they likely didn’t know it, those leaders also reinvigorated an effort to adopt a similar program in Worcester. Transit advocates in the city are making a renewed push to get rid of fares on Worcester Regional Transit Authority lines. A group of advocates and elected officials, coalescing under the banner the Worcester Fare Free Exploratory Coalition, is rolling out a publicity campaign and is calling on the WRTA leadership to stop any plans to invest in new fare boxes and seriously evaluate a fare-free plan.

“This is obviously a huge breakthrough,” said Brenna Rodeson, co-chair of the Worcester Fare Free Exploratory Coalition, of the decision in Kansas City.

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