Worcesteria: Worcester wins on weed

Full and original article posted on Worcester Magazine

PRIMARY BREAKDOWN: Woohoo! Worcester went for Bernie Sanders in the state Democratic Primary election last week. The rest of what we might consider the Worcester area, save for Northbridge (arguably Worcester area), did not. No, every town surrounding Worcester went for Joe Biden, despite his complete lack of ground game here and, seemingly, everywhere else. The suburbs came out for the centrist, and that certainly went a long way in his surprise win of the state. Worcester was among a gang of similarly composed cities around the state — Lowell, Lawrence, Lynn, New Bedford, Fitchburg, Everett, etc. — that went for the grumpy old warrior for the working class from Vermont. But Biden overwhelmingly won the suburbs and exurbs surrounding them, save for a few Elizabeth Warren holdouts. What happened here feels like a microcosm for what happened throughout the Super Tuesday states. We saw working class urban centers, where supporters and organizers for Bernie are overwhelmingly concentrated, go that way. Everywhere else, it appears people took cues from the party elite consolidating around Biden and did the same.

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