Massachusetts Needs to Embrace School Choice

Full Op-Ed posted on Worcester Business Journal

By Roberta Shaefer and Steve Eide

On Martin Luther King Jr. day, Gov. Deval Patrick signed into law a bill that has been hailed as the most significant step in education reform the state has taken since 1993’s comprehensive Education Reform Act. In addition to giving superintendents new powers to overhaul failing schools, the law raises the cap on charter school spending from the current 9 percent to 18 percent in low performing districts.

Last month, the New York Times reported that charter schools have become “the hot cause” among many prominent young hedge fund managers in New York. Since 2002, the number of charters in New York has increased from 17 to 99. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made expanding the number of high-quality charter schools in New York City a signature issue for his third term.

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