Resurging Regional Ridership: An analysis of mobility flows, riders, and ridership in the WRTA region

The WRRB has released a series of reports on the WRTA in recent years, most recently All Aboard: Financing a Fare-Free WRTA. The WRTA’s exceptionally speedy ridership recovery, with 140% of 2019 pre-pandemic values by the end of 2022, may be due in part to the fare-free service begun in March 2020. This report focuses on ridership and commuting throughout the WRTA region. The significance of the WRTA in the region extends beyond isolated numbers about ridership. To fully grasp its impact, the broader context in which it operates must also be considered: the flow of workers throughout the region (including those that do not use public transit) and the profiles of the riders themselves. This report aims to provide insights to enhance this understanding, adopting a more comprehensive approach that transcends mere ridership figures.


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