2010 News

CSX project still on track

WORCESTER — Though the local permitting process for the project seemingly crawls along, officials at CSX Corp. are hopeful that their $100 million plan to expand the company’s freight yard behind Union Station will be completed by 2012.

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Complaint process is clear

The report, “Benchmarking Public Safety in Worcester,” authored by The Research Bureau, generated an article by a columnist and a letter to the editor by the head of the local American Civil Liberties Union.

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Still strong

The Research Bureau’s seventh annual report on public safety in Worcester points to a few areas of concern — primarily with the safety of the city at night — even as the overall message is a positive one: Worcester remains safer than most other midsized cities in New England, and the public continues to express strong satisfaction with the service and professionalism of the city’s police officers and firefighters.

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Police get high grades in report

WORCESTER — Though Worcester police officers generally get good marks for their work, a significant number of residents feel unsafe walking alone in their neighborhoods at night, a recently released survey by The Research Bureau shows.

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MassDOT aims to win

In a column that appeared in this space on March 15, 2009, I compared transportation reform in Massachusetts with a soccer ball kicked around on a muddy field endlessly while nobody is scoring.

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City hall notebook

Chamber of Commerce onboard with CSX plan
The board of directors of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce has come out unanimously in support of CSX Corp.’s plan to expand its freight yard in Worcester.

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Urban reality

The view from inside the Heart of the Commonwealth isn’t always and everywhere pleasing, but those who live and work in Worcester should know that the city is holding its own in comparison with much of the country.

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Sucker bet

Like lemmings blindly running toward the abyss, members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives rushed into a major expansion of state-sanctioned gambling.

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It’s do-or-die day on MCAS

Today is “D” day for more than 4,000 members of the class of 2010 — approximately 375 of them in Central Massachusetts — to try to pass the MCAS science and technology exam to receive their high school diploma with classmates.

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