Jobs, tax base, top next mayor’s agenda

Full and original article posted on Worcester Business Journal

The primary focus of Worcester Mayor Joseph O’Brien’s Task Force on Job Growth and Business Retention is seeking ways to improve the city’s economic viability. Many constructive proposals were recommended and the mayor should get much credit for his vision, and for understanding that economic growth means a strong commercial industrial tax base that creates jobs, along with a stable mix of residential properties and city services.

Unfortunately, much outside attention was given to only one of the task force’s many constructive recommendations: promoting the lowest residential tax rate. That was good politics but bad public policy. Now that the municipal election, which will give us a new mayor, is upon us, we find ourselves either for business or for the homeowner. Rather, we should all seek a more moderate commercial, industrial, and residential tax rate that takes into account the state of the city’s finances and what’s in the best interests of both homeowner and business owner.

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