Are Minorities Finally Becoming a Political Force in Worcester?

Full and original article posted on GoLocal Worcester

Nine of the 10 members of Worcester’s City Council are white. Five of the six School Committee members are white. Looking at the list of possible candidates for the city council, six minorities are running for District seats and five are running for an At-Large seat. However, only two minorities are running for a school committee position.

“The city is currently responsive to a very small segment of the city. The jobs are filled by people who often don’t even live in Worcester. Top to bottom, the city is disconnected from its residents – except for Councilor (Sarai) Rivera – who isn’t just a Councilor of color, she is the only Councilor I often see at community events,” said Jordan Berg Powers, Director of Mass Alliance.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than a quarter of Worcester’s population are non-white.

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