Worcester Airport presents a path for future progress

Full and original article posted on Boston Globe

I WAS disappointed to read Megan Woolhouse’s article “Still waiting for business to take off.”Worcester Regional Airport, known by its call letters as ORH, is a critical element of Central Massachusetts’ transportation tripod of road, rail, and air.

While commercial activity (i.e., scheduled flights on air carriers) has struggled during economic downturns, Worcester has regularly supported private, charter, and military travel. The number of annual local and itinerant takeoffs and landings has increased in the last few years. The lobby Woolhouse visited may have been quiet, but the control tower and tarmac undoubtedly hummed with activity.

With the initiation of JetBlue service, commercial activity has once again taken off and is helping to rebuild the airport’s reputation in New England as a convenient and reliable air travel alternative.

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