Survey shows college students like Worcester, but not exploring it

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WORCESTER – A new survey of local college students conducted by the Worcester Student Government Association reveals that while a majority of students like the city, a lot of them aren’t getting to see much of it.

The survey results, which were released Friday, showed 56 percent of respondents were satisfied with living in Worcester. But nearly half of them said they don’t attend off-campus events, and more than 86 percent said they’ve never used public transit to get around the city – up from 68 percent the last time the SGA polled students in 2014.

“These results show us that there is an opportunity to engage students. From the survey results, it is apparent that students want to get off campus and explore Worcester, but they just don’t have the knowledge of the events happening and most don’t have access to transportation readily available or the know-how to use the WRTA,” Emilee Cocuzzo, the association’s president, said in a statement. “As we move forward, we know these are continuous trends and issues that students face each year. Therefore, we are confident that there are tangible solutions to these problems.”

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