Worcester’s Timothy McGourthy: state panel likely to look at ‘shared transit’

Full and original article posted on Telegram.com

BOSTON — The Research Bureau Executive Director Timothy McGourthy has been named to a new state commission created to examine the future of transportation in the state, a future that Mr. McGourthy predicted would include “shared transit” such as public transportation and better urban planning and land-use planning.

“It’s a critical topic and I’m really appreciative that the governor is taking on the issue and bringing people together to talk about it,” Mr. McGourthy said in an interview last week. “Looking at it holistically considers not just Boston but issues here in Central Mass. and Western Mass. as well … I hope we can identify some future paths that the commonwealth can consider.”

Gov. Charlie Baker signed an executive order Tuesday to establish the Commission on the Future of Transportation in the Commonwealth, an 18-member group that will advise the administration on transportation needs and challenges.

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