City Council votes against putting CPA on ballot in 5-6 split

Full and original article posted on Worcester Magazine

Advocates hoping for the City Council’s help in getting the Community Preservation Act on the November ballot left the meeting Tuesday jilted and perhaps a little stunned as the measure died by a close split vote.

Five councilors voted to put the CPA – a tax surcharge used to create a community improvement fund – on the ballot, but six did not. Those opposed included Councilors-At-Large Konnie Lukes, Moe Bergman, Gary Rosen, District 2 Councilor Candy Mero-Carlson, District 5 Councilor Matt Wally, and District 3 Councilor George Russell.

Mayor Joe Petty, District 4 Councilor Sarai Rivera, District 1 Councilor Sean Rose, and councilors-at-large Khrystian King and Kate Toomey voted in favor.

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