Research Bureau urges GPS tracking for Worcester fleet

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WORCESTER – The Worcester Regional Research Bureau is recommending equipping city vehicles with GPS tracking capabilities, saying in its most recent report that this would save money, be better for the environment, and provide more oversight over employees, among other benefits.

“The Research Bureau believes the time has come to equip the entirety of Worcester’s fleet with GPS tracking capabilities,” the bureau wrote in its report “Tracking City Equipment: How Expanded GPS Monitoring Could Benefit Worcester,” which was released Wednesday. “The city is missing an opportunity to collect data that can offer now-hidden optimizations and cost savings that cannot be uncovered by human oversight alone.”

The city of Worcester owns nearly 900 vehicles, more than half of them assigned to the Department of Public Works and Parks. Nearly 50 vehicles have GPS tracking, including city-owned sweepers and sanders and some contracted sanders. Installation is ongoing for the remainder of the contracted sanders, according to the report.

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