36th Annual Meeting – January 27, 2022

Dr. Laurie Leshin,
President of Worcester Polytechnic Institute
As the home of Robert Goddard, Worcester is forever connected to the exploration of the final frontier. Things Goddard imagined over 120 years ago (and many more things he couldn’t imagine!) are now a reality, as space becomes much more accessible through advances in technology and expanding commercial business models. Even Captain Kirk has now been to space!

In this presentation, Worcester Polytechnic Institute President and space scientist Laurie Leshin will provide a glimpse into the exciting future of space exploration. From using research and data to inform decisions driving cutting-edge science missions seeking to answer profound questions such as “Are we alone in the Universe?” to building a space-faring economy to benefit everyone on Earth, space is essential to our future prosperity. Goddard would be proud.

Thursday / January 27, 2022
Zoom Virtual Meeting
4:30 pm


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