Worcester Almanac: 2022

Worcester Almanac: 2022 compiles data from the most reliable sources to provide vital statistical information to equip decision-makers and the general public on important areas of interest. The Worcester Almanac is an important tool for public officials, business leadership, and members of the public covering a wide array of public policy issues in the region. From median household income to public school enrollment, snowfall to commuting patterns, the Worcester Almanac has data on government, demographics & the economy, health, education, public safety, transportation, sports, weather, and more. This year’s edition also include two appendices that hone in on particular areas of attention: Children and Greater Worcester.

The 2022 Worcester Almanac is made possible by the generous support of UniBank. Michael Welch, CEO of UniBank said, “We are Better Together! When local people, companies, and organizations team up – we all benefit, most especially our community. To have a local regional research bureau is an invaluable resource to all of us. The almanac serves as a key resource in all our future progress. We are honored to be the sponsor for the Worcester Almanac.”