Who’s deciding Worcester’s elections? New Worcester Regional Research Bureau report finds small portion of ‘supervoters’ determine city’s municipal elections

Full and original article posted MassLive

The Worcester Regional Research Bureau released a report Thursday morning analyzing the demographics of the electorate in Worcester municipal elections. According to the bureau, the report confirms preconceived notions of a lack of diversity in local voter turnout, and details new information including average ages, “supervoters,” voter housing, racial disparities and polling locations.

The report, titled “Absent Voters: Who is Voting and Not Voting (Yet) in Worcester Municipal Elections,” makes the case that Worcester’s electorate is not representative of the city’s larger community, instead representing a smaller portion of white, middle-class voters that reside in single-family homes. Around 17% of registered voters in Worcester voted in 2019 – 63% of those voters live in a single-family home, compared to 44% of all residents.

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