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At-large debate 10/5/15

2 minute opening from each candidate. There will be 90 seconds to answer per question, 60 seconds for four candidates to respond, 30 seconds for original candidate to rebut.

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Worcester council candidates debate in snippets

WORCESTER – What was billed as a debate was more like a Twitter feed.

Twelve at-large City Council hopefuls sharing a long table at a candidates’ forum at Mechanics Hall on Monday night alternated on 90-second answers, 60-second responses and 30-second rebuttals in a format that lent itself to snippet-like replies but offered little room for substantive give and take.

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Worcester mayoral candidates square off in first debate

WORCESTER – For two hours, three mayoral candidates were peppered with 15 questions Monday night, covering a variety of topics related to the city government and the public schools, including public safety, community race relations, taxes, the role of the mayor and even local civic engagement.

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Mayoral Debate 9/28/15

There will be 15 questions total, 5 to each candidate, based on drawing names from a hat, with comment opportunities on each question.

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