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As I See It: Parking in Worcester – free and easy?

Somewhere between the extremes of the city of Worcester owning and operating all of its on- and off-street parking assets for the purpose of economic development and a full privatization of those assets which would maximize profitability, lies the city’s solution for Worcester in optimizing public assets. The Worcester Regional Research Bureau, in its recent study of Worcester parking assets chose the former, by adding yet another layer of government by recommending a politically-chosen Parking Commission and parking czar. This is the wrong recommendation.

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Evaluating the price of parking in Worcester

Downtown Worcester is at a tipping point, where the city needs to be less concerned about incentivizing businesses, residents and visitors to the area and more concerned about providing a positive experience for those going downtown, said Timothy Murry, president and CEO of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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Research Bureau: Worcester needs parking division

A report released Thursday from the Worcester Regional Research Bureau recommends the city create an independent parking division and raise parking rates, so a dedicated staff can give the proper attention to the infrastructure, service and technology improvements necessary for parking to complement the city’s redevelopment plans.

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Research Bureau wants Worcester to make parking a priority with new department

The Worcester Regional Research Bureau is urging the city to create a dedicated Parking Division following the release of a report that concludes the available downtown parking’s “location, condition, and design limit its ability to support an aggressive economic development agenda,” and that its “position within City government—well down the hierarchical food chain—limits its ability to compete for attention and resources and adapt to new technologies that are improving the relationship between parking and cities globally.”

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