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Politics and the City: Rating employees no simple test

Let’s be honest, job reviews are not among most people’s favorite job-related activities. City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. lightheartedly acknowledged as much a couple of weeks ago when the City Council gave him his annual performance evaluation.

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As I See It: Worcester schools: A strategic advance

Worcester is embarking on a strategic planning initiative toward making the Worcester Public Schools one of the best urban systems in the country. While we do better than most urban systems in the state, there is much more that can be done to meet the needs of our students and the community.

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New strategic plan in the works for Worcester schools

WORCESTER – Fulfilling a request made more than a year ago by elected school officials and local research and policy groups, Superintendent Maureen Binienda on Friday announced her administration will develop a strategic plan for the district over the remainder of the year.

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Not much known about Worcester schools strategic plan

Worcester Public Schools Superintendent Maureen Binienda spoke Friday afternoon, June 16 about the new Strategic Planning Task Force to create the best schools in the state. The Rennie Center, based out of Boston, will be assisting the public schools during the six-month plan, helping gain research by working closely with the public schools.

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Editorial: Taxes: Who pays and how much?

Thoughtful, meaningful discussions on tax policy are rare.

This is understandable, of course. The global, post-industrial age has changed the economic circumstances of a wide swath of the middle class. Concurrently, over the past 30 years the narrative that broad-based tax cuts spur economic growth has gained wide adoption.

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