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WRTA extends free fares to end of year

WORCESTER — The Worcester Regional Transit Authority will remain fare free at least until the end of the year, as advisory board members worried that reinstituting fares may be premature if COVID-19 surges in the fall.

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Worcester proposes task force for city-owned broadband service

WORCESTER — Looking to address the digital divide that exists in the city, the City Council Urban Technologies, Innovation and Environment Committee Thursday night called for the establishment of a task force to look at the feasibility of implementing a municipally owned broadband network.

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‘Offline’ students need in-school learning access

As the state’s public schools begin to open, many urban systems will do so entirely online. That can be problematic for many low-income students who don’t have internet access at home. Districts that will offer some degree of in-school instruction, like Lowell, have given those children with special needs and other specific learning needs priority for in-person classes.

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