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Worcester comeback seems for real

MARS IS THE LIMIT for robotics engineer Kevin Harrington. Harrington, 32, wants to build a machine that would harvest the sun, soil, and atmosphere of the Red Planet to produce food, building supplies, and robots for human colonies in the future. “Let’s say we want to go to Mars and we want to survive on Mars with no supply chain. What do we need?” he asked. “We need a machine that can take in the raw materials in the environment.”

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Education: Simplifying the college application process

Applying to college can be challenging, to say the least. Many students begin to apply before entering their senior year, and while expectations are often high, having an educational path set to lead a student to the determination of their future career is a tall order all on its own. With college enrollment at an all-time high through the teens of the 2000s at record highs, applying is more important now than ever.

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As I See It: Behind the education strategic plan and how it’s progressing

In the winter of 2016, the Worcester Education Collaborative and the Worcester Regional Research Bureau produced a report – the Urgency of Excellence – that provided an overview of the Worcester Public Schools. Recognizing the significant changes in the work of teaching and learning, the needs of students as they prepare for life in an increasingly interconnected and technological world, and the changing demographics of both our city and our public school students, the report called for the development of a strategic plan for the schools.

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