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March Municipal Madness debuts in Worcester

As elite college basketball teams were vying for a national championship early this spring, the Worcester Regional Research Bureau put its own spin on March Madness: policy ideas competing against each other.

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Are Minorities Finally Becoming a Political Force in Worcester?

Nine of the 10 members of Worcester’s City Council are white. Five of the six School Committee members are white. Looking at the list of possible candidates for the city council, six minorities are running for District seats and five are running for an At-Large seat. However, only two minorities are running for a school committee position.

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Real-world research

Worcester has long exhibited an apparent paradox — given how many college students are here, why doesn’t it feel like a typical “college town”?

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Research Bureau’s OPEB report predicts grim future

Worcester’s unfunded Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) liability is more than $727 million, which is common knowledge among city residents who don’t mind sitting through sometimes boring finance discussions, such as the one in last week’s City Council meeting. A Worcester Regional Research Bureau (WRRB) report released today supports a more proactive approach to dealing with the liability, predicting a $2.1 billion liability 30 years from now if the current method of payment continues.

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City Hall Notebook

When President Barack Obama spoke at the Worcester Technical High School graduation last June, he encourage the graduating seniors to engage and participate in government at all levels.

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